The Sectors we cover

We have developed customized products and strategies specifically for the following sectors

Floor Installer
We offer a specially tailored range of products, including resins, PU, microcement, as well as floor and tile paint.
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Hardware Stores / Retail
We provide fully professional products for your hardware store and advertise for you! Meet your customers' demand for EPODEX's products.
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Manufacturer / Trader / Craftsman
No more exorbitant prices or stock-outs! Always order the quantity that matches your order book.
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Online Shops
Do you run an online shop and would like to add EPODEX products to your range? Contact us today!
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Our Product Range

Our product range includes epoxy and polyurethane resins for all applications – from coating floors and other surfaces to mold and boat building, to the production of tables and other objects. We offer a wide selection of paint for various uses. Additionally, we provide microcement and other construction materials for diverse renovation projects. Our diverse product range enables you to find the right materials for every application.

Who can shop on this website?

The offerings of this website are exclusively for commercial businesses with appropriate documentation (business license, VAT number). Private customers cannot shop on this website.

How do I shop at EPODEX?

Register via the My Account > Register tab. We will verify your registration immediately and activate your account if all information is correct. After successful registration, you can view all products and prices in our shop and conveniently place orders at any time. Our quick verification allows you to shop promptly without delays.

What quantities can I purchase?

With us, you can purchase anything from 1 kg containers to 1000 kg IBC containers. Smaller orders are packed immediately and delivered by parcel within 1-3 working days. Larger orders are handled by freight carriers.