Online Shops + EPODEX Industries

Online Shops + EPODEX Industries

Take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to offer your customers the full range of EPODEX products in country markets where EPODEX does not yet have its online shop. We provide extensive support in various areas, including setting up the online shop, translating into your language, marketing, and building inventory. Learn more here.

Additionally, you have the option to become a franchisee and sell our products both online and in a local store. This way, you can expand the reach of your business activities and benefit from the synergy between online and offline retail. Learn about our franchise concept here.

In which areas does EPODEX support you?

With EPODEX by your side, you have a reliable partner who supports you in all key aspects of your business.

We assist you in setting up and maintaining your online shop, while our experienced marketing team supports you in effectively marketing the products. Furthermore, we provide valuable assistance in building inventory to optimize your logistics and product availability.

We also train you in handling our products and provide expert advice. This allows you to focus fully on customer consultation as well as order processing and shipping.

What requirements should you meet?

To successfully collaborate with EPODEX, you should ideally already have experience in e-commerce and preferably be familiar with the building materials we offer. If not, we can provide comprehensive training in our products.

Furthermore, you should have a warehouse or the capacity to set up a warehouse on-site to fulfill orders from there.

As our business partner, you are responsible for local customer support. This ensures that customers experience the high quality and service standards they expect from EPODEX. Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring that orders arrive quickly and reliably to customers.

What financial capabilities should you have?

We waive license and monthly fees to facilitate your entry into the online business. Therefore, there are no costs for you to use our brand or use images, videos, and texts in case of collaboration. However, you should have the financial means to set up a warehouse at your location and finance warehouse staff. Additionally, you should be financially capable of covering the costs of the initial order with us.

Products and Services

The following products and services are offered to retailers

Our Products
Epoxy resin, tile paint, microcement, and more. Available immediately in large quantities.
Service for our Partners
We have developed services and concepts to support our partners.
Purchase Conditions
Certain requirements must be met to be able to shop with us.

Functional Concept

You will receive from us a functional and established business model, which has already proven successful in many countries and markets.

Technical Support

We offer you the necessary technical support for building and maintaining the online shop, including hosting solutions. We are also able to program your online shop and translate it into your language.

Marketing Support

We assist you in promoting the products in your country and provide you with resources and expertise to increase sales. We have experts in online marketing who can promote across all advertising channels.

Support for Warehouse Setup

We help you plan an optimal warehouse system. From inventory management systems to barcode scanners, we show you and set up everything. Your warehouse staff will be trained.

Training / Consultation

You will be trained in our products. Additionally, telephone support is always available, as well as numerous videos in our media library.

Expanding Range

We continuously expand our range with high-quality products that you can offer in your markets if desired.

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