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Floor Installer + EPODEX Industries

At EPODEX, we understand the needs and challenges of the floor coating industry. That’s why we offer a specially tailored product range that is ideal for professional floor coaters. Our range includes resins, microcement, and tile paint, all available in premium quality and a variety of colors.

As your partner, EPODEX provides you with unique advantages that you won’t find elsewhere. As a floor coater, you’ll receive high-quality leads from us, which you can easily convert into orders.

We accompany you in implementing your projects with detailed instructions and provide comprehensive support with catalogs, images, and videos. Thanks to our efficient cost control, we guarantee you the best prices on the market. With a personal advisor by your side, you’re never alone in product selection or project implementation. At EPODEX, you get more than just products – you gain a partner who supports you in all areas.

How can you differentiate your offering with us from the competition?

With us, you get all the products you need from one source, so you don't have to shop at different suppliers. This means less effort for you and better prices. Additionally, we offer numerous solutions. For example, you'll receive customer inquiries free of charge from us, can use our catalogs and media for your self-promotion, and if necessary, we'll provide you with your website to market yourself and your services. We also support you with ongoing projects.

How high is the quality of EPODEX products?

Our products are manufactured in Germany and undergo numerous quality controls. They meet the highest standards, and we guarantee it!

Technical Support and Advice

Our service is excellent, and you are invited to see for yourself! With us, you'll receive expert advice in selecting the right products and support for technical questions and problem-solving. Our experts are available by phone and email.

Transparent and Fair Prices

Once you are registered in our system, you have access to the current purchase prices, which are individually calculated for you. Under these conditions, you can place orders at any time, either completely independently or with the assistance of an EPODEX advisor.

Reliable Delivery

Our sophisticated logistics network allows us to guarantee fast and punctual delivery so that you can meet your project deadlines. Our B2B customers have the option to trigger orders independently in the system. These are immediately forwarded to our warehouse, automatically packed, and shipped. Options for express shipping in urgent cases are also available.

Services for Floor Installers

We support floor installers with the following services.

Free Lead Forwarding
With over 25,000 website visitors daily, we receive numerous customer inquiries about floor coatings. We're happy to forward these leads for free to partners who collaborate with us. This saves you the costly search for new contracts!
Complete Systems for Every Project
We stand out from the competition by offering complete system solutions comprising resin, hardener, and polyurethane. These products are perfectly matched and tested to ensure the highest quality and compatibility. Avoid the additional hassle of sourcing missing components elsewhere.
Wide Range of Colors & Accessories
We are proud to be among the few providers offering an extensive range of colors and accessories. With us, you'll find everything you need to realize your project - from resins to colors to microcement, and all available in every shade.
Recreation of Your Customer Projects
Floor coaters often receive photos from customers with specific requests. Finding the right products and mixing ratios through trial and error consumes a lot of time and resources. Simply send us the photo of the desired project; our team will recreate it and provide you with precise instructions and the required product quantities.
Professional Web Presence for Our Partners
We understand the importance of having a professional website in today's market to showcase one's services and projects. However, building a professional website requires time and IT resources. That's why we've developed tailored IT solutions for craftsmen and service providers, offering our partners the opportunity to quickly and easily create their website with us - straightforwardly and with just a few clicks.
Providing Catalogs
Our catalogs, images, and videos, as well as instructions that we provide to our partners, are designed to enable our partners to present themselves professionally to their customers. These resources are available in both digital and printed forms and are at your disposal.

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